quarta-feira, julho 21, 2010

The Moment

Postponing dreams for far too long
Sending messages all night long
Writing notes on small post-its
Compiling this shit with big Paper clips

Shout out loud
Stare at the Sun
Scream from my heart
Become blind, deaf and dumb

Stare at the sky
Cry at the stars
Howl at the moon
Travel to mars

Stop what I’m doin’
Shut myself down
Find the whole truth
Make a hole in the ground

Listen to the song
Ought to be a better man
But like this, I’m cover
Pretending to be Pearl Jam

Nothing beats the real thing
There’s something about purity that makes great things look even greater. Perfect moments, divine; and heavenly thoughts, demonical.
It’s all about right and wrong, truth and deception. Deceiving you. And no one can beat that.
Be independent but depend on someone’s feelings. Don’t find yourself faking what was supposed to be real.
Take a moment before you die ‘cause to death, you just can’t lie.
Regardless of the mix emotions that tumble in your heart, you’re the first that doesn’t deserve to be in it just for a small part.
Take the whole and make your day. Find the light, come what may.
Step off the rope. It’s way to high.
If you fall from up above, you will die, you will die. And you’re way to beautiful and stunning and smart to be caught in a lie.

Find comfort and calmness
Find peace with yourself
Look straight in your eyes
‘Cause there can be no one else.
It’s you and you alone
It’s better before it’s gone
Fix it and when you’re done
You’ll see that there can be only one.

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Anónimo disse...

lol, also en Englisn.

Anónimo disse...

A beleza da (tua) escrita está na capacidade de transformar os sentimentos em palavras.
Há textos que, escritos por quem não nos conhece nem nunca nos viu, espelham em absoluto o que nos vai na alma.
Se me perguntasses hoje qual o meu texto preferido de todos estes (e eu li-os todos) eu diria sem hesitar: este!
Nem que o tivesses escrito para mim, sobre mim, seria tão perfeito.

Ass: Ao Cair do Pano

Ana disse...

É estranho como podemos ser tão fortes e tão frágeis, tão confiantes e, no entanto, tão dependentes.
Temos a força para subir mas quando chegamos ao topo, saltamos?